Monday, April 18, 2011

Updates to the New R300 Register Allocator

I just pushed an updated version of the new r300 register allocator to The branch is called new-register-allocator-v2. This new version contains support for loops and a few bug fixes. It has been rebased to included the floating-point texture additions, so it can now be tested on those apps that need floating-point textures.


  1. I've been doing some benchmarks with the Unigine demos, but there's not really any difference in performance. Not sure if Unigine is a particularly good test case though, it probably stresses the GPU in a whole lot of different ways.

    Anyway, I did not spot any rendering problems or other regressions!

  2. Unigine-tropics and Unigine-sanctuary are genuine bricks for Ati X1~: I remember that with proprietary drivers and X1700 (rv530), two years ago, I had the same results of today's Git Mesa-Gallium: 2-3 fps for the first and 3-4 fps for the last. ;)

  3. Hey! Nice work, Mesa-7.11-devel with the new registrer allocator is working fine and the effects of KDE looks better now here...